Welcome to the Dune Special Edition Project

This is a project I have been slowly working on over the last few years with the goal of ultimately replacing many of the "outdated" special effects shots in David Lynch's 1984 version of Dune.
The project initially began as an endeavor to build a "proper" ornithopter - one with flapping wings, that neither the movie or the mini-series managed to achieve. However, with the advent of the "fan-edit" the scope of the project has expanded with the goal of updating the effects in all those places in the movie where I feel things could be significantly "improved."
Although I am currently working on this by Myself, it's a large undertaking and if there is anyone interested in helping this project along, feel free to contact Me - We might actually be able to get this project completed with a few more skilled and enthusiastic people!

Sasha Burrow

If you are curious about My professional work, I have been working as a VFX artist (Among other things) at The Asylum for the past 6 years, including visual effects on all 4 Sharknado films (Mainly stuff blowing up!).

DUNE Special Edition: Showreel March 2010

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Here is an update on the Caladan Landing Field.
Everything is still in progress but SLOWLY coming together (Working on a SyFy channel original movie right now so time is very limited).
I still think I prefer the crystals to the fountains though but will have to see how each looks.


  1. Good afternoon, I LOVE the fact that you're doing this, and it should prove interesting, my only complaint thus far is the Ornithopter itself, and I do not mean this negatively. However, the wings do seem a bit small and far back, which would render the vehicle front heavy.

    1. Thanks!
      The thopter design is closely based on the original design in the movie but I really didn't want them to look like "helicopters with wings stuck on". The original model featured a "dish" on the underside... My design places a jet/anti gravity device in the dish to counter balance the weight of the craft.

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