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This is a project I have been slowly working on over the last few years with the goal of ultimately replacing many of the "outdated" special effects shots in David Lynch's 1984 version of Dune.
The project initially began as an endeavor to build a "proper" ornithopter - one with flapping wings, that neither the movie or the mini-series managed to achieve. However, with the advent of the "fan-edit" the scope of the project has expanded with the goal of updating the effects in all those places in the movie where I feel things could be significantly "improved."
Although I am currently working on this by Myself, it's a large undertaking and if there is anyone interested in helping this project along, feel free to contact Me - We might actually be able to get this project completed with a few more skilled and enthusiastic people!

Sasha Burrow

If you are curious about My professional work, I have been working as a VFX artist (Among other things) at The Asylum for the past 6 years, including visual effects on all 4 Sharknado films (Mainly stuff blowing up!).

DUNE Special Edition: Showreel March 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010

NEW! IMPROVED! Spice Harvester W.I.P.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it!

I've finally had a small amount of time to get back to working on this project and recently came across a whole slew of reference images I had not previously seen on the 2-disc DUNE DVD (Thanks to Joe Lawson for letting Me borrow that).
With the new reference images, I have been able to revisit My spice harvester model and really try and get as much of the detail correct as possible (though I am taking a few liberties here and there)
Worked out a new way to model all the curved parts that allowed Me to UV map them before I curved them and I think the results are looking considerably better than before.
Here's the old model:

And here's the updated one:


  1. felicidades por tu blog desde Barcelona.
    Soy un gran admirador del film de Lynch desde que lo vi en 1984 cuando era un niño.
    Mi blog (elgusanodearena.blogspot.com), está en parte dedicado a el, y al cine fantastico, de terror y ciencia-ficcion en general.

  2. My congratulations!!!!!!!

    It's gonna be WONDERFUL!

  3. Hey, you might like this design I found online !!


  4. nice work man.
    A comment about the artwork you mentioned you found though: You are aware that H.R. Giger was originally hired to design dune, and produced a bunch of stuff, the harvester among other things.
    A search on your site revealed nothing of the sort..
    Anyway, keep up the good work, you got yourself another follower, and if you get bored, please take a look at my own site at www.cultcinema.net

  5. Giger was hired to create stuff for the Jodorowsky version of Dune which never came to fruition, although Panasonic did film a commercial using Giger's design for the Harkonnen castle which can be found on youtube.

  6. I should have checked your latest posts - I've just posted a comment on your old Spice Harvester entry with a couple of links to sites showing photos of the chassis of the vehicle, where and how the wheels connect, but it looks like you must have seen them already judging by your latest 3D image! D'oh!

    Anyway, looking good!

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